DENSO W16EPR-U - Mogelijke bougies

Details over DENSO W16EPR-U:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 21mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminaltype: Removable

Alternatieve bougies voor DENSO W16EPR-U:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41-813
AC Delco 44NS
AC Delco 44XLS
AC Delco AC4
AC Delco C43CXLS
AC Delco CR425XLS
AC Delco CR44NS
AC Delco R42XLS
AC Delco R43XLS
AC Delco R44CXLS
AC Delco R44LT
AC Delco R44NS
AC Delco R44XLS
AC Delco R44XLSE
Accel 114
Accel 496
Autolite 2585
Autolite 3205
Autolite 3206
Autolite 3207
Autolite 4265
Autolite 64
Autolite 65
Autolite 935
Autolite 945
Autolite XS65
Beck Arnley 176-5082
Beru 0001330702
Beru 0001330713
Beru 0001330726
Beru 0002325700
Beru 0002330701
Beru 0002330709
Beru 14-8DU0
Beru 148D
Beru 148DC
Beru 148DU
Beru 14R-8DU
Beru 14R-8DU4
Beru 14R-9DU
Beru 14R8DU
Beru 14R8DU4
Beru 14R9DU
Beru UXT2
Beru UXT6
Beru Z1
Beru Z119
Beru Z69
Beru Z70
Beru Z8
Beru Z82
BMW 12121262360
BMW 12121276283
BMW 12121279526
BMW 12121288234
BMW 12129056446
BMW 12129056447
Bosch +16
Bosch +3
Bosch 0241229724
Bosch 0242225599
Bosch 0242229537
Bosch 0242229656
Bosch 0242229692
Bosch W8DC
Bosch WR7DC
Bosch WR8D+
Bosch WR8DC
Bosch WR8DC+
Bosch WR8DC4
Bosch WR8DP
Bosch WR8DS
Bosch WR9D+
Bosch WR9HC
Bosch stk 7501
Bosch stk 7506
Bosch stk 7512
Brisk A-line 9
Brisk A-Line9
Brisk L17Y
Brisk L17YC
Brisk LR17YC
Champion 2415
Champion 3322
Champion N11Y
Champion N11YC
Champion N11YCC
Champion N12Y
Champion N12YC
Champion N12YCC
Champion N13Y
Champion N14Y
Champion OE015/R04
Champion OE015/T10
Champion OE042
Champion OE042/R04
Champion OE042/T10
Champion OE045
Champion OE045/T10
Champion OE051
Champion OE051/R04
Champion OE051/T10
Champion OE055/T10
Champion OE065/T10
Champion OE106/T10
Champion OE111
Champion OE161
Champion OE161/T10
Champion OE170
Champion OE170/T10
Champion ON11Y
Champion ON12Y
Champion RC12LYC
Champion RN11Y
Champion RN11YC
Champion RN11YC4
Champion RN11YCC
Champion RN11YX
Champion RN12Y
Champion RN12YC
Champion RN12YCC
Champion RN14Y
Champion RN14YC
Champion stk 322
Champion stk 404
Champion stk 405
Champion stk 412
Chrysler 5213693
Chrysler SP00RN12YC
DAEWOO 90359815
Daihatsu 90048-51072
Daihatsu 90048-51114
Daihatsu 90919-51072
Denso 267700-4570
Denso stk 3021
Eyquem 600LS
Eyquem 707LS
Eyquem C32LS
Eyquem C52LS
Eyquem FE45P
Eyquem GT5L
Eyquem RC32LS
Eyquem XC32LS
Eyquem XC52LS
Fiat 9151700180
Fiat 9405960078
Ford 5099751
General Motors 5613100
General Motors 5613339
General Motors 5613522
General Motors 5613716
General Motors 90512989
General Motors 93742296
Hitachi L46PW
Honda 98079-55817
Honda 98079-55841
Honda 98079-55846
Honda 98079-55855
Iskra FE45P
Iskra FE55P
Iskra FE55PRS
Iskra FE55PS
Iskra GT5L
Isuzu 5-81380001-0
Isuzu 5-81380005-0
Isuzu 9-82513106-0
Jaguar EAC8917
Kawasaki 92070-1048
Kawasaki 92070-1052
Landrover RTC3570
Magneti Marelli CT5FMR
Magneti Marelli CW5LP
Magneti Marelli CW6LP
Magneti Marelli F45LCR
Magneti Marelli F45LDCR
Magneti Marelli F4LC
Magneti Marelli F4LCR
Massey Ferguson 834236MI
Mazda 66018110
Mazda AZ0818110
Mazda AZ0918110
Mercedes 21592203
Mercedes 21592903
Mercedes 21593103
Mercedes 21594803
Mercedes 31591003
Mercedes 31591103
Mercedes 31592703
Mercedes 31592903
Mercedes 31594703
Mercedes A0021592203
Mercedes A0021592903
Mercedes A0021593103
Mercedes A0021594803
Mercedes A0031591003
Mercedes A0031591103
Mercedes A0031592703
Mercedes A0031592903
Mercedes A0031594703
Mighty M4GR32
Mighty M4GR42
Mighty M4GR52
Mitsubishi MS851022
Mitsubishi MS851182
Mitsubishi MS851232
Mitsubishi MS851235
Mitsubishi MS851402
Mitsubishi MS851412
Mitsubishi MS851437
Mopar 4091713
Mopar 4318131
Mopar 5213693
Mopar 56027275
Mopar 82300317
Motorcraft 1Y00-18-110
Motorcraft 1Y0018110
Motorcraft AG42C
Motorcraft AGR42
Motorcraft AGR42C
Motorcraft AGS32C
Motorcraft AGS42C
Motorcraft AGS42CF4
Motorcraft AGS44
Motorcraft AGS52C
Motorcraft stk 16
Motorcraft stk 21
Motorcraft stk 23
Motorcraft stk 36
NGK 2140
NGK 2285
NGK 2364
NGK 3239
NGK 3781
NGK 4006
NGK 6511
NGK 7075
NGK 7281
NGK 7422
NGK 95737
NGK 96404
NGK stk 2635
NGK stk 7422
NGK stk 7734
Nissan 22401-21B15
Nissan 22401-A4706
Nissan 22401-S2000
Nissan 22401-V1415
Nissan 22401-W8915
Opel 1214002
Opel 1214149
PAL (Brisk) L17Y
PAL (Brisk) L17YC
PAL (Brisk) LR17YC
Porsche 99917013290
Porsche 99917013390
Porsche 99917013690
Porsche 99917017090
Prestolite 14G52
Proton LBP5ES
Proton MS851232E
Renault 7700103502
Renault 7700103503
Renault 7700500012
Renault 7700500048
Renault 7700692428
Renault 7700724821
Renault 7700725302
Renault 7700824821
Renault 7700868864
Renault 7701041214
Renault 7701366269
Renault 7701366539
Renault 7701414021
Renault 7701414032
Renault 7701414036
Rover ETC7244
Rover GSP4382
Rover GSP4482
Splitfire SF6D
Splitfire SF6E
Splitfire SM006E
Subaru 09482-00506
Subaru 420543200
Subaru 420545402
Subaru 482415700
Subaru 490010033
Suzuki 09482-00131
Suzuki 09482-00138
Suzuki 09482-00155
Suzuki 09482-00432
Suzuki 09482-00468
Suzuki 09482-00506
Suzuki 09482-M40132
Tacti V9110-2044
Tacti V9110-3018
Tacti V9110-3021
Torch F5RT
Torch F5RTC
Torch F5TC
Toyota 90919-01051
Toyota 9091901051
Unipart ERR3799
Unipart GSP131
Unipart GSP141
Unipart GSP2008
Unipart GSP2020
Unipart GSP2034
Unipart GSP2099
Unipart GSP244
Unipart GSP264
Unipart GSP4372
Unipart GSP4382
Unipart GSP4382X
Unipart GSP4472
Unipart GSP4482
Unipart GSP6382
Unipart GSP6472
Valeo 246860
Valeo 84H
Valeo 90H
Valeo 9H
Valeo GT35H
Valeo GT35HD
Valeo R84H
Valeo R90H
Valley Forge 32R
Valley Forge 33R
Volvo 33443151
VW Group 101000000AC
VW Group 101000002AA
VW Group 101000006AD
VW Group 101000018AA
VW Group 101000019AA
VW Group 101000020AA
VW Group 101000047AA
VW Group N01781234
VW Group N01781241
Yamaha 9079E-ND072
Yamaha 9079E-ND075
Yamaha 94701-00328
Yamaha 94703-00133



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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