NGK 96404 - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor NGK 96404:

Brand Model
AC Delco 44NS
AC Delco 44XLO
AC Delco 44XLS
AC Delco 45NS
AC Delco 45XLS
AC Delco C42XLS
AC Delco C44NS
Beru 0001325701
Beru 0001325704
Beru 0001330702
Beru 00013307026
Beru 0001330713
Beru 125143A
Beru 145143A
Beru 148D
Beru 148DU
Beru 148DUO
Beru 149D
Beru 149DU
Beru 149DUO
Beru Z1
Beru Z76
Bosch 0241225013
Bosch 0241225545
Bosch 0241225550
Bosch 0241225556
Bosch 0241229061
Bosch 0241229062
Bosch 0241229574
Bosch 0241229588
Bosch W125T30
Bosch W145T30
Bosch W160T30
Bosch W8D
Bosch W8DC
Bosch W8DC0
Bosch W8DP
Bosch W9D
Bosch W9DC
Bosch W9DC0
Bosch W9DP
Champion N10YC
Champion N11Y
Champion N11YC
Champion N11YCC
Champion N12Y
Champion N12YC
Champion N12YCC
Champion N13Y
Champion N14Y
Champion N89Y
Champion N9YCE
Champion OE015
Champion OE015T10
Champion OE055T10
Champion OE065
Champion OE065T10
Champion OE106T10
Champion ON11Y
Champion ON12Y
Citroen 5962S7
Citroen ZC9862090U
Daihatsu 9004851072000
Denso 3018
Denso W16EP
Denso W16EPR-U
Denso W16EPRU
Denso W16EPU
Denso W16TT
Eyquem 550LS
Eyquem 580LS
Eyquem C32LS
Eyquem C52LS
Febi Bilstein 13449
Febi Bilstein 13450
Febi Bilstein 13456
Gutbrod 09225081
Honda 9807955811
Honda 9807955841
Isuzu 9825131060
Jap Car 123762
Jap Car 123765
Kubota 1239267711
Kubota 1286367711
Kubota 1286667711
Kubota 1337567740
Magneti Marelli 062110350312
Magneti Marelli 062130010312
Magneti Marelli CT5FMR
Mazda 066018110
Mercedes 0021592203
Mercedes 0021592903
Mercedes 0021593103
Mercedes 0021594803
Mitsubishi MS851022
Mitsubishi MS851182
Motorcraft AG42
Motorcraft AG42CU
Motorcraft AG52
Motorcraft AGN42
Nissan 22401W8985
Nissan 22401W8985PC
Nissan 22401W8990
Nissan B2401W8915
PAL (Brisk) 14L5Y
PAL (Brisk) L17YC
PAL (Brisk) L5Y
Prestolite 14G32
Prestolite 14G42
Prestolite 14G52
Renault 7700743920
Renault 7700859967
Renault 7700862054
Renault 7701041214
Renault 7701366539
Renault 7701366903
Subaru 420543200
Suzuki 0948200131
SWAG 10913450
Toyota 0419534140
Unipart GSP131
Unipart GSP141
Unipart GSP4372
Unipart GSP4382
Valeo 76H
Valeo 84H
Valeo 9H
Valeo GT35H
Valeo GT35HD
Yamaha 9470300133
Yanmar 16069078020



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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