DENSO W20EPB - Mogelijke bougies

Details over DENSO W20EPB:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 21mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: 3 ground electrodes
  • Terminaltype: Threaded-Terminal

Alternatieve bougies voor DENSO W20EPB:

Brand Model
AC Delco R42XLS
Accel 114
Autolite 63
Autolite 9063
Beck Arnley 176-5181
Beck Arnley 176-9035
Beru 0001335709
Beru 0001340704
Beru 14-6DPU
Beru 14-6DTU
Beru 14-7DTU
Beru 147DTU
Beru Z12
Beru Z51
Bosch 0241229716
Bosch 0241235689
Bosch 0241235756
Bosch W6DTC
Bosch W7DSR
Bosch W7DTC
Bosch W8DTC
Bosch WR6DC
Bosch stk 7595
Brisk LX15TC
Brisk LX15TC-1
Brisk LX15TC1
Champion N8BYC
Champion N9BYC
Champion N9BYC4
Champion OE028
Champion OE044
Champion OE044/T10
Champion RN11YC4
Champion RN9YC
Champion stk 322
Champion stk 415
Citroen 596221
Denso 067600-2740
Denso stk 5065
Eyquem C62LS3X
Fiat 60806024
Fiat 7686643
Ford 5029052
General Motors 5613100
Iskra FE65CPD
Iskra FE65PTS
Mighty M4GR22
Mopar 4106117
Motorcraft AG22CT
Motorcraft AG32CT
Motorcraft AG32CT1
Motorcraft AGS22C
Motorcraft stk 2
NGK 1263
NGK V-line-1
NGK stk 1263
PAL (Brisk) LX15TC
PAL (Brisk) LX15TC1
Peugeot 596221
Prestolite 14G32
Splitfire SM006C
Tacti V9110-5065
Torch 5580
Torch F6TJC
Torch F7RTJC
Torch F7TJC
Unipart GSP2010
Unipart GSP2031
Unipart GSP4367
Valeo 246859
Valeo 76H3E
Valeo 84H3E
Valley Forge 32R
VW Group 101000001AB
VW Group 101000001AC
VW Group 101000005AA
VW Group 101000005AB
VW Group 101000007AA
VW Group 101000007AB
VW Group 101000007AD
VW Group 101000021AA
VW Group 101000027AA
VW Group 191905450
VW Group 191905450A
VW Group N01781249



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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