Champion OE015 - Mogelijke bougies

Details over Champion OE015:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 21mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminaltype: Removable

Alternatieve bougies voor Champion OE015:

Brand Model
AC Delco 43-5XLS
AC Delco 43XLS
AC Delco 44NS
AC Delco 44XL0
AC Delco 44XLS
AC Delco 46XLS
AC Delco 6502
Agria 59999
Alfa Romeo 9151700180
Autolite 55
Beru 14-10DU
Beru 14-8D
Beru 14-8DU
Beru UXT2
Beru UXT6
Beru Z1
Beru Z169
Beru Z69
Beru Z70
Beru Z77
BMW 12121262360
BMW 12121262361
BMW 12121263070
BMW 12121276283
BMW 12121279526
BMW 12121286682
BMW 12121288234
BMW 12121334315
BMW 12129005913
BMW 12129056446
BMW 12129056447
BMW 12129057189
BMW 12129057190
BMW 12129057749
BMW 12129057750
BMW 12129057992
BMW 12795264
Bosch 0241225012
Bosch 0241229061
Bosch 0241229062
Bosch 0241229574
Bosch 0241229588
Bosch 0241229596EA11
Bosch 0241229715
Bosch 0242225575
Bosch 0242225610
Bosch W10D
Bosch W10DC
Bosch W10DCX
Bosch W145T30
Bosch W8B
Bosch W8DC
Bosch W8DCO
Bosch W8DCX
Bosch W9D
Bosch W9DC
Bosch W9DCX
Bosch W9DP
Bosch W9DPX
Bosch W9LC
Bosch WR9LE
Bosch WR9LP
Brisk 1338
Brisk L17Y
Brisk L17YC
Champion N12Y
Champion N12YCC
Champion N16YC
Champion OE055
Champion UN12Y
Citroen 5432057Y
Citroen ZC9862090U
Daihatsu 9091901027000
Denso D8
Denso W14EP
Denso W14EPU
Denso W14EX-U
Denso W14EXU
Denso W16EP-U
Denso W16EPRU
Denso W16EPU
Denso W16EX
Denso W16EX-U
Denso W16TT
Ducellier Valeo 599251
Ducellier Valeo 599305
Eyquem 0911007081
Eyquem 0911007089
Eyquem 580LS
Eyquem 600LS
Eyquem 60LS
Eyquem C32LS
Eyquem C52LS
Fiat 9151700180
Honda 98079-55841
Iskra FE45P
Lancia 9151700180
Magneti Marelli 062110360312
Magneti Marelli CW6LP
Magneti Marelli F4LC
Mercedes 0021590403
Mercedes 0021590503
Mercedes 0021590603
Mercedes 0021590703
Mercedes 0021591603
Mercedes 0021591703
Mercedes 0021594803
Mercedes 0021595903
Mercedes 0021596003
Mercedes 0031591103
Mercedes 0031592903
Mercedes 0031594603
Mercedes 1161590103
Mercedes A0031594603
Mitsubishi MS851022
Motorcraft AG32C
Motorcraft AG42
Motorcraft AG42C
Motorcraft AG52
Motorcraft AGN42
Newstar F5LC
NGK 2364
NGK 4669
NGK 5811
NGK 6511
NGK 7327
NGK 96404
NGK V-line-8
NGK VLine8
NGK stk 6511
PAL (Brisk) L17Y
PAL (Brisk) L7Y
Peugeot 5962A2
Porsche 9050714
Porsche 99917013290
Porsche 99917013390
Porsche 99917013690
Porsche 99917017090
Prestolite 14G42
Prestolite 14G52
Puch 9050714
Renault 77.01.366.539
Renault 7700613828
Renault 7700647265
Renault 7700661752
Renault 7700670734
Renault 7700683771
Renault 7700724821
Renault 7700724822
Renault 7700743920
Renault 7700824821
Renault 7700862054
Renault 7701023325
Renault 7701041214
Renault 7701366539
Renault 7701414026
Renault 7702124101
Seat 0003908857
Torch F4TC
Torch F5TC
Torch F5TC-11
Torch F5TP
Torch F5TP-11
Toyota 90919-01020
Toyota 90919-01027
Toyota 90919-01056
Toyota 90919-01059
Unipart GSP131
Unipart GSP4382
Valeo 246854
VW Group 101000000AC
VW Group 101000002AA
VW Group 101000006AD
VW Group 101000018AA
VW Group 101000019AA
VW Group 101000020AA
VW Group 191905450P
VW Group 191905452C
VW Group N01781126
VW Group N01781136
VW Group N01781147
VW Group N01781148
VW Group N01781153
VW Group N01781175
VW Group N01781179
VW Group N01781224
VW Group N01781234
VW Group N01781241
VW Group N01781257
VW Group N01781311
VW Group N01781355
VW Group Z057005
VW Group Z057127
VW Group Z057136
VW Group Z057143



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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