BOSCH 0242229555 - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor BOSCH 0242229555:

Brand Model
AC Delco 435XLS
AC Delco R43N
AUDI 101000005AE
Beru 0001329400
Beru 0001329403
Beru 0001330702
Beru 0001330713
Beru 0001330726
Beru 0002330700
Beru 0002330701
Beru 145143A
Beru 148D
Beru 148DU
Beru 148DU0
Beru 14R-8DPUU
Beru 14R8DU
Beru 14R8DU4
Beru UXT2
Beru UXT6
Beru Z1
Beru Z311
Beru Z69
Beru Z70
Beru Z8
BMW 12121262360
BMW 12121262361
BMW 12121263070
BMW 12121276283
BMW 12121279526
BMW 12129056446
BMW 12129056447
BMW 12129057189
BMW 12129057190
BMW 12129057749
BMW 12129057750
Bosch W7DTC
Bosch W8DC
Bosch WR8DP
Brisk L17Y
Brisk L17YC
Brisk LR17YC
Brisk LR17YP
Champion 9FYSR
Champion N11Y
Champion N11YC
Champion N11YCC
Champion OE065
Champion OE192
Champion OE192T10
Champion ON11Y
Champion RN11Y
Champion RN11YC
Champion RN11YCC
Champion UN12Y
Chrysler 67P
Citroen 5432057Y
Citroen 596273
Citroen 5962A1
Citroen 5962N7
Citroen 5962P0
Citroen MKP00071
Citroen ZC9862088U
DAEWOO 0242229518
Daihatsu 9004851036000
Daihatsu 9004851044000
Daihatsu 9004851053000
Daihatsu 9004851054000
Daihatsu 9091901059000
Daihatsu 9091901060000
Daihatsu 9091901064000
Daihatsu 9091901102
Daihatsu 9091951072000
Denso IW16
Denso IW16TT
Denso W14EP
Denso W14EPU
Denso W16EP
Denso W16EPR
Denso W16EPRU
Denso W16EPU
Denso W16EX
Denso W16EXRU
Denso W16EXU
Ducellier Valeo 599251
Ducellier Valeo 599305
Eyquem 600LS
Eyquem 60LS
Eyquem C32LS
Eyquem C52LS
Eyquem RC52LS
Febi Bilstein 13449
Febi Bilstein 13450
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Febi Bilstein 13456
Febi Bilstein 13465
Febi Bilstein 13508
Febi Bilstein 13509
Febi Bilstein 13512
Febi Bilstein 13524
Fiat 7554431
Fiat V4LS
Ford 1523608
Ford 5099860
Ford 930X12405BA
GMC 1214002
GMC 3490154
GMC 3496305
Harley Davidson 3231183
Hitachi L46PW
Hitachi L46PW11
Honda 9807955827
Honda 9807955841
Honda 9807955846
Honda 9807955855
Honda 9807955871
Honda 9807955881
Honda 9807955941
Honda 9807955946
Isuzu 9825131060
JP-GROUP 1291700600
Kia 0891418110
Kia AA10118110
LADA 2101037070
LADA 210103707000NB
Lancia 7554431
Lancia V4LS
Magneti Marelli 062110350304
Magneti Marelli 9H
Magneti Marelli CW6LP
Magneti Marelli F7LCR
MARUTI 0948200155
Mazda 066018110
Mazda 100277550
Mazda 395318110
Mazda 891418110
Mazda M8L011081
Mercedes 0021590503
Mercedes 0021590703
Mercedes 0021591603
Mercedes 0021591703
Mercedes 0021592203
Mercedes 0021594803
Mercedes 0021596003
Mercedes 0031591103
Mercedes 0031592903
Mercedes 0031594603
Mercedes 1161590103
Mercedes A0021590503
Mercedes A0021590703
Mercedes A0021591603
Mercedes A0021591703
Mercedes A0021592203
Mercedes A0021594803
Mercedes A0021596003
Mercedes A0031591103
Mercedes A0031592903
Mercedes A0031594603
Mercedes A1161590103
Mitsubishi MS851182
Mitsubishi MS851182A
Mitsubishi MS851232
Motorcraft AG32CT1
Motorcraft AG52
Motorcraft AG52C
Motorcraft AGN42
Motorcraft AGR31
Motorcraft AGR32
Motorcraft AGR32C
Motorcraft AGR52
Motorcraft AGS32C
NGK 2364
NGK 3153
NGK 7281
NGK 7422
NGK 95737
NGK VLine6
NGK VLine8
NGK VLine9
Nissan 22401S2000
Nissan 22401V1415
Nissan 22401W8915
Nissan B240189904
Opel 1214002
Opel 1214110
Opel 90356323
Opel 90369815
Opel 90508666
Opel 90512989
Opel 91149685
Peugeot 5432057Y
Peugeot 596273
Peugeot 5962A1
Peugeot 5962N7
Peugeot 5962P0
Peugeot MKP00071
Peugeot ZC9862088U
Porsche 99917017090
Prestolite 14G42
Prestolite 14G52
Proton MS851182
Puch 9050714
Renault 7700613818
Renault 7700647265
Renault 7700661752
Renault 7700670734
Renault 7700681299
Renault 7700683771
Renault 7700692428
Renault 7700724822
Renault 7700743920
Renault 7700860235
Renault 7701023325
Renault 7701366903
Renault 7702112987
Renault 7702124101
Subaru 420543200
Subaru 490010043
Suzuki 0948200129
Suzuki 0948200131
Suzuki 0948200155
Suzuki 0948200167
Suzuki 0948200167LPC
Suzuki 0948200432
Suzuki 0948200506
SWAG 10913450
TOPRAN 205041
Toyota 9004851054
Toyota 9091901020
Toyota 9091901059
Toyota 90919010598N
Toyota 9091901064
Toyota 9091901102
Toyota 9091901223
Toyota 9099909006
Unipart GSP131
Unipart GSP141
Unipart GSP244
Unipart GSP4382
Unipart GSP4472
Unipart GSP6362
Unipart GSP6362X
Valeo 84H
Valeo R84H
Vauxhall 91143775
Vauxhall 91149685
Vauxhall VSP002
VEMO V99750001
VEMO V99750002
VEMO V99750018
VEMO V99750032
VW Group 000057066A
VW Group 01781148
VW Group 101000002AA
VW Group 101000005AE
VW Group 101000006AD
VW Group 101000018AA
VW Group 101000018AB
VW Group 191905450P
VW Group 191905452C
VW Group N01781148
VW Group N01781153
VW Group N01781175
VW Group N01781179
VW Group N01781234
VW Group N01781241
VW Group N01781257
VW Group N01781311
VW Group N01781355
Yamaha 9470300133



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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