KLAXCAR 43001Z - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor KLAXCAR 43001Z:

Brand Model
Alfa Romeo 46229251
AUDI N01781139
BEDFORD 1214807
BEDFORD 90350018
Beru 0001335702
Beru Z11
BMW 12121265595
BMW 12121267485
BMW 12129061871
Bosch 0241235563
CHEVROLET 94837756
Citroen 596221
Citroen 59625Y
Citroen 596265
Citroen 59626E
DAEWOO 94837756
Daihatsu 9004851041000
Daihatsu 9004851059000
Eyquem 0911007147
Eyquem C62LS
Febi Bilstein 13446
Febi Bilstein 13447
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Febi Bilstein 13465
Febi Bilstein 13508
Febi Bilstein 13509
Febi Bilstein 13606
Fiat 4249164
Fiat 4345041
Fiat 4401551
Fiat 4401552
Fiat 5894585
Fiat 5894587
Fiat 5984036
Fiat 60806024
Fiat 71711806
Fiat 7772515
Ford 1120836
Ford 1518878
FSO 5984036
Honda 9807956146
Honda 9807956832
Honda 9807956846
Honda 9807956855
Hyundai 1881111060
Hyundai 1881111061
Hyundai 1882208091
Hyundai 1882211091
Isuzu 1214807
Isuzu 9825131030
JP-GROUP 1291700600
Kia AA13A18110
LADA 21083707010
Lancia 4249164
Lancia 4345041
Lancia 4401551
Lancia 4401552
Lancia 5894587
Lancia 5984036
Lancia 60806024
Lancia 71711806
Mazda 169018110
Mazda 371018110
Mazda FE7918110
Mazda FE8218110
Mercedes 1101590003
Mercedes 1161590003
Mercedes 31591203
Mercedes 31591303
Mercedes 31592603
Mercedes 31594503
Mercedes 31595703
Mitsubishi MS851028
Mitsubishi MS851183
Mitsubishi MS851188
Mitsubishi MS851233
Mitsubishi MS851236
Mitsubishi MS851238
Mitsubishi MS851239
Mitsubishi MS851302
Mitsubishi MS851408
Mitsubishi MS851412
Mitsubishi MS851413
Mitsubishi MS851418
Mitsubishi MS851433
Mitsubishi MS851473
Nissan 22401N8716
Nissan 22401P8316
Nissan 22401V1416
Nissan 22401V1417
Nissan 22401W8916
Nissan 22401W8917
Opel 1214807
Peugeot 596213
Peugeot 596221
Peugeot 59625Y
Peugeot 596265
Peugeot 59626E
Peugeot 5962E9
Renault 7700500000
Renault 7700553622
Renault 7701366086
Renault 7701366138
Rover GSP4352
Seat 101000000AB
Seat 101000000AC
Seat 101000001AC
Seat 101000002AB
Seat 101000005AA
Seat 101000005AB
Seat 101000006AC
Seat 101000007AB
Seat 101000034AA
Seat N01781155
Seat N01781213
Seat N01781236
Seat N01781240
Seat N01781249
SKODA 101000000AB
SKODA 101000000AC
SKODA 101000001AC
SKODA 101000002AB
SKODA 101000005AA
SKODA 101000005AB
SKODA 101000006AC
SKODA 101000007AB
SKODA 101000034AA
SKODA N01781155
SKODA N01781213
SKODA N01781236
SKODA N01781240
SKODA N01781249
Subaru 22401AA010
Subaru 22401AA120
Subaru 22401AA220
Subaru 22401AA230
Suzuki 948200118
Suzuki 948200299
Talbot 596213
Toyota 9091901084
Unipart GSP4352
Vauxhall 90350018
Volvo 13066055
Volvo 13465414
Volvo 2707461
Volvo 2735967
Volvo 2735975
VW Group 101000000AB
VW Group 101000000AC
VW Group 101000001AC
VW Group 101000002AB
VW Group 101000005AA
VW Group 101000005AB
VW Group 101000006AC
VW Group 101000007AB
VW Group 101000034AA
VW Group N01781139
VW Group N01781155
VW Group N01781213
VW Group N01781236
VW Group N01781240
VW Group N01781249
VW Group N01781333



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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