Champion OE010T10 - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor Champion OE010T10:

Brand Model
AC Delco C41CXLS
AC Delco C42CXLS
AC Delco C44NS
AUTOUNION 0012700517009
Beru 00013407020001
Beru Z22
Beru Z22SB
Beru Z50
BMW 12121257081
BMW 12121257082
BMW 12121338145
BMW 12121353286
BMW 12128353286
BMW 12128636166
BMW 12128636168
Bosch 0241240057
Bosch 0241240058
Bosch 0241240539
Bosch W200T27
Bosch W200T30
Bosch W215T30
Bosch W6DC
Bosch W6DCO
Champion FE85PS
Champion N279YC
Champion N279YC092
Champion N65Y
Champion N79Y
Champion N7GY
Champion N7Y
Champion N7YCC
Champion N7YCX
Champion OE046
Champion OE046T10
Champion UN79Y
Citroen 75491694
Citroen 75491695
Citroen 75491697
Citroen GX0618808A
Citroen ZA3406176
Citroen ZA4233922
Citroen ZCT000012
Denso W20ET
Denso W20EX
Denso W22EPRU
Denso W22TT
Ducellier Valeo 599248
Ducellier Valeo 599249
Ducellier Valeo 599302
Ducellier Valeo 599303
Eyquem 707LS
Eyquem 800LS
Eyquem 80LS
Eyquem C72LS
Febi Bilstein 13446
Febi Bilstein 13447
Febi Bilstein 13452
Febi Bilstein 13453
Febi Bilstein 13456
Febi Bilstein 13465
Fiat 1L45J
Fiat 2284662
Fiat 2301711
Fiat 3233922
Fiat 4249164
Fiat 4345041
Fiat 7554419
Fiat 7554453
Ford 1506413
Ford 5099961
Hitachi L45PW
Lancia 2284662
Lancia 2301711
Lancia 4233922
Lancia 4249164
Lancia 4345040
Lancia 4345041
Magneti Marelli 062110410304
Magneti Marelli 062110430312
Magneti Marelli 062110450304
Magneti Marelli CW78LP
Magneti Marelli CWP7L
MAN 51259230020
MAN 51259230022
MAN 51259230023
Marchal Valeo 8H
Marchal Valeo GT342H
Mercedes 0011594703
Mercedes 0011595103
Mercedes 0011596803
Mercedes 0011597103
Mercedes 0011598403
Mercedes 0011598503
Mercedes 0011599403
Mercedes 0021590803
Mercedes 0021590903
Mercedes 0021591403
Mercedes 0021591503
Mercedes 0021594103
Mercedes 0021594203
Mercedes 0031591303
Mercedes 0031595703
Mercedes 0031595803
Mercedes 1101590003
Mercedes A0031595703
Motorcraft AG22
Motorcraft AG22C
NGK 206
NGK 2412
NGK 3355
NGK 5328
Opel 1214025
Opel 1214039
Opel 1214110
PAL (Brisk) L14Y
PAL (Brisk) L14YC
Peugeot 596127
Peugeot 596143
Peugeot 596216
Peugeot 596245
Peugeot 596265
Peugeot 5962A1
Peugeot 9561837880
Peugeot AOP
Porsche 99917013890
Porsche 99917013990
Porsche 99917016890
Prestolite 14G22
Renault 7700647273
Renault 7700659152
Renault 7700861471
Renault 7701366086
Renault 7701366087
Renault 7701366138
Renault 7701366268
Renault 7701414044
Seat 0003901171
Seat 0003910649
Steyr 9050711
Talbot 0004345600
Talbot 0013112000
Talbot 0016631600
Unipart GSP4352
Volvo 000057022
Volvo 000057023A
Volvo 1276514
Volvo 1306604
Volvo 273546
Volvo 273591
Volvo 273596
Volvo 463512
VW Group 000057022
VW Group 000057023A
VW Group 101000002AC
VW Group 101000006AB
VW Group 191905450M
VW Group 191905452A
VW Group N01781112
VW Group N01781113
VW Group N01781114
VW Group N01781118
VW Group N01781120
VW Group N01781122
VW Group N01781141
VW Group N01781150
VW Group N01781152
VW Group N01781155
VW Group N01781177
VW Group N01781212
VW Group N01781213
VW Group N01781220
VW Group N01781223
VW Group N01781237
VW Group N0178124
VW Group N01781240
VW Group N01781310
VW Group N01781312
VW Group N01781313
VW Group N01781318
VW Group N01781324
VW Group N01781330
VW Group N01781354
VW Group N0178136
VW Group N0178137
VW Group N0178139
VW Group Z057023
VW Group Z057040
VW Group Z057062
VW Group Z057141



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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