BOSCH W10CC - Mogelijke bougies

Details over BOSCH W10CC:

  • Threaddiameter: M 14x1,25
  • Threadreach: 19
  • Hexsize: 20,8
  • Construction: Super

Alternatieve bougies voor BOSCH W10CC:

Brand Model
AC Delco 45XL
AC Delco 46XL
AC Delco 47XL
AC Delco AC4
AC Delco CR43N
AC Delco CR44N
AC Delco R43XL
AC Delco R44N
AC Delco R44XL
AC Delco R45XL
AC Delco R46XL
AC Delco R46XL*
Accel 143
Accel 146
Autolite 3176
Autolite 3666
Autolite 397
Autolite 398
Autolite 404
Autolite 405
Beck Arnley 176-5002
Beck Arnley 176-5058
Beck Arnley 176-5109
Beck Arnley 176-5128
Beck Arnley 176-5147
Beck Arnley 176-9019
Beru 14-10C
Beru 95/14/3
Beru 951/43
Bosch 0241219541
Bosch stk 7504
Bosch stk 7510
Brisk 1010
Brisk L19
Champion N21
Champion N21T04
Champion N5C
Champion stk 120
Daihatsu 9914710236220
Denso 6009
Denso W14E
Denso W16ES-U
Denso W20ES-U
Denso W20ESR-U
Denso stk 3025
Denso stk 3051
Denso stk 3057
Denso stk 6009
Eyquem 450L
General Motors 5569737
General Motors 5569850
General Motors 5612022
General Motors 5612092
General Motors 5612321
General Motors 5613289
General Motors 5613312
General Motors 5613313
Lodge BLN
Mighty M4G3
Mighty M4G4
Motorcraft AG4
Motorcraft AG5
Motorcraft AG7
Motorcraft AG9
Motorcraft AGS3C
Motorcraft AGS4C
Motorcraft AGS4CF4
Motorcraft stk 1
Motorcraft stk 66
Napa X961
NGK 4129
NGK stk 4129
NGK stk 4922
NGK stk 6410
NGK stk 7432
Prestolite 14G3
Prestolite 14G5
Prestolite 14G7
Splitfire SF405F
Splitfire SM040D
Torch F4C
Valley Forge 205



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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