AUTOLITE 985 - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor AUTOLITE 985:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41-631
AC Delco 42LTS
AC Delco FR3LM
AC Delco FR4LE
AC Delco FR5LM
AC Delco R42XLSM
AC Delco R44XLSE
AC Delco R44XLSM
Accel 0514
Accel 736
Accel 997
Atlas C18LR
Beck Arnley 176-5254
Beru 14 FR-8 HU
Bosch 7561
Bosch 7705
Bosch 7961
Bosch FR9H
Bosch FR9HC
Bosch FR9HCV
Bosch WR9H
Bosch WR9HC
Bosch stk 7561
Champion 101
Champion 412
Champion 438
Champion 4404
Champion 4412
Champion 60
Champion 64
Champion 817
Champion 82
Champion 85
Champion FN14LY
Champion N13L
Champion N14LY
Champion N8L
Champion RC12ECC
Champion RC12LYC
Champion RC12LYC5
Champion RC14E5
Champion RFN14LY
Champion RN13LYC
Champion RN13YLC5
Champion RN14LY
Champion RN8L
Champion RS9YC
Champion stk 304
Champion stk 412
Denso 3001
Denso 4124
Denso 5018
Denso 5032
Denso 5326
Denso IT20
Denso J16BR-U
Denso J16HR-U10
Denso QJ16HR-U
Denso T20EPR-U
Denso VT20
Denso Iridium IT20
Denso Iridium stk 5326
Denso stk 5018
Denso stk 5032
General Motors 5613717
General Motors 5613797
General Motors 5614040
Mighty GRP54
Mighty M4GRF32
Mopar 56027275
Mopar SP0RC12ECC
Mopar SP0RC12LYC
Mopar SP0RFN14LY
Motorcraft 428
Motorcraft AG44
Motorcraft AG54
Motorcraft AGR44
Motorcraft AGRP54
Motorcraft AGS44
Motorcraft AGSP54
Motorcraft AGSP54C
Motorcraft stk 28
NGK 6334
NGK stk 3623
NGK stk 4043
Precision Tune P4GR33
Precision Tune P4GRP53
Prestolite 14GR33
Prestolite 14GR53
Prestolite 14GRP53
Splitfire CC098E
Splitfire SF98E
Valley Forge 305R



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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