FAE 74141 - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor FAE 74141:

Brand Model
Beru 0100220101
Beru 0100220103
Beru 0100220113
Beru 0100221152
Beru 0100226164
Beru 0100226173
Beru 0100226237
Beru 141MJ
Beru 162MJ
Beru 601MJ
Beru 605MJ
Beru 687MJ
Beru 689MJ
Beru 815MJ
Beru 844MJ
Beru 857MJ
Beru 888MJ
Beru 959MJ
Beru GN857
Beru GN959
Beru GV689
Beru GV844
Beru GV888
Bosch 0250200052
Bosch 0250200063
Bosch 0250201004
Bosch 0250201011
Bosch 0250201015
Bosch 0250201021
Bosch 0250201031
Bosch 0250201032
Bosch 0250201050
Bosch 0250202010
Bosch 0250202013
Bosch 0250202062
Bosch 80010
Bosch 80017
BREMI 25010
BREMI 26003
BREMI 26026
Champion CH105
Champion CH160
Champion CH179
Champion CH260
Champion CH69
Champion CH96
Delphi HDS222
Delphi HDS231
Delphi HDS254
Delphi HDS258
Delphi HDS341
Delphi HDS343
Denso DG-002
Denso DG-103
General Motors 88900723
Hella 8EG008497-001
Hella 8EG008497-141
Hella 8EG008497-421
Mitsubishi M-816832
NGK 1239
NGK 3829
NGK 4182
NGK 4573
NGK 4956
NGK 6136
NGK 6285
NGK 6599
NGK 7629
NGK 7947
NGK Y-204TS1
NGK Y-207T
NGK Y-901R
NGK Y-918J
NGK Y-918R
NGK Y-932R
NGK Y-933J
NGK Y-933R
Nissan 11065-V0700
Nissan 11065-V0710
Nissan 11065-W2500
Nissan 11065-W2510
Nissan 11065-W3400
Nissan 11065-W3410
Nissan 11065-Y9703
Peugeot 5962.7Z
Peugeot 5962.J7
Peugeot 5962.T2
Renault 7700854538
Renault 7700856292
Renault 7700867617
Renault 7701349949
Renault 7701414077
Renault 7701414088
Renault 8671004016
Unipart GGP17
Unipart GGP32
Unipart GGP4
Unipart GGP41
Valeo C118S
Valeo C12P
Valeo C200S
Valeo C212S
Volvo 1257141
Volvo 1257889
Volvo 30816732
Volvo 3470278
VW Group 061905061
VW Group 068905061
VW Group N01908101
VW Group N01908102
VW Group N0190814
VW Group N01909701
VW Group N01910001
VW Group N01910002
VW Group N01910005
VW Group N01910006
VW Group N10213001
VW Group N10213002



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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