DENSO W24EPR-U - Mogelijke bougies

Details over DENSO W24EPR-U:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 19mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 21mm
  • Tipconfiguration: projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminaltype: Removable

Alternatieve bougies voor DENSO W24EPR-U:

Brand Model
AC Delco 41XL
AC Delco 41XLS
AC Delco 438XLS
AC Delco R41XLS
Accel 112
Autolite 4053
Autolite 4251
Autolite 51
Autolite AR51
Autolite XS61
Beck Arnley 176-5086
Bosch W4CC
Bosch stk 7530
Brisk L12Y
Brisk L12YC
Brisk LR12YC
Brisk LR12YS
Champion N2C
Champion N5YC
Champion N63YD
Champion N64Y
Champion N6GY
Champion N6Y
Champion N6YC
Champion N6YCC
Champion N6YCX
Champion OE084/R04
Champion OE084/T10
Champion OE087/R04
Champion OE087/T10
Champion OE116
Champion OE116/T10
Champion RN4YC
Champion RN6Y
Champion RN6YC
Champion RN6YCX
Champion stk 315
Champion stk 805
Champion stk 904
Citroen MYC000006N
Denso 067700-2691
Denso stk 4136
Eyquem C92LS
Eyquem FE145P
Eyquem FE155P
Eyquem GT8L
Ford 1120835
Ford 5099752
Ford 5099769
Ford 5099950
General Motors 5613161
General Motors 5614070
Hitachi L43PW
Honda 98079-58847
Iskra FE145P
Iskra FE155P
Iskra FE95CP
Iskra FE95CPR
Iskra GT8L
Kawasaki 92070-1038
Kawasaki 92070-1049
Lodge 25HL
Magneti Marelli CW9LP
Magneti Marelli FC9L
Mitsubishi MS851025
Motorcraft AG12
Motorcraft AG12C
Motorcraft AG902
Motorcraft AGR12
Motorcraft AGR12C
NGK 2912
NGK 3923
NGK 5170
NGK stk 3923
PAL (Brisk) L12Y
PAL (Brisk) L12YC
PAL (Brisk) LR12YC
Peugeot MYC000006N
Porsche 99917010790
Renault 7700500024
Renault 7700732626
Renault 7700737459
Renault 7700861471
Renault 7701366087
Splitfire SF6A
Suzuki 09482-00175
Suzuki 09482-00178
Suzuki 09482-00239
Suzuki 09482-00240
Suzuki 09482-00240-111
Tacti V9110-4028
Torch F8RTC
Torch F8TC
Unipart GSP191
Unipart GSP4342
Yamaha 9079E-ND032
Yamaha 94701-00118
Yamaha 94701-00219
Yamaha 94701-00267
Yamaha 94703-00267



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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