NGK 4553 - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor NGK 4553:

Brand Model
AC Delco R426FS
AC Delco R42CFS
AC Delco R42FS
AC Delco R43CFS
AC Delco R43FS
Autolite 283
Beru 0002435701
Beru 14R-6B
Beru 14R-7BU
Beru 14R6B
Beru 14R6BU
Beru 14R7B
Beru 14R7BU
Beru Z19
Bosch +10
Bosch 0242235522
Bosch 0242235535
Bosch 0242235665
Bosch 0242235911
Bosch 0242240561
Bosch 10
Bosch W175TR35
Bosch WR6BC
Bosch WR7B
Bosch WR7BC
Bosch WR7BC+
Bosch WR7BP
Brisk 0031
Brisk A-line 3
Brisk A-line3
Brisk NR15YC
Champion OE064
Champion OE064R04
Champion OE064T10
Champion OE071
Champion OE071T10
Champion QL82YC
Champion QL87YC
Champion RL12Y
Champion RL82Y
Champion RL82YC
Champion RL82YCC
Champion RL87Y
Champion RL87YC
Citroen 735592
Daihatsu 99906850P9006
Daihatsu 99906910P9005
Denso 3070
Denso D3
Denso W20FPR
Denso W20FPR-U
Denso W20FPRU
Denso WF20TT
Eyquem 0911007173
Eyquem RC42S
Honda 98076-56717
Honda 9807656717
Honda 9807656729
Honda 9807656747
Honda 9807656756
Iskra F65CPR
Kawasaki J4520W20FPRU
Kubota 1264767710
Kubota 1264767711
Magneti Marelli 061830257304
Magneti Marelli 062110420312
Magneti Marelli CW6NP
Magneti Marelli CW6NPR
Magneti Marelli CW7NPR
Magneti Marelli F7NCR
Mercury 813423
Motorcraft AER32
NGK 7022
OMC 503948
Opel 90239569
PAL (Brisk) NR15YC
Peugeot 735592
Suzuki 0948200141
Suzuki 0948200229
Suzuki 0948200281
Suzuki 0948200302111
Suzuki 0948200306
Suzuki 0948200530
Suzuki 0948269001
Unipart GSP2029
Yamaha 9470000198
Yamaha 9470100198
Yamaha 9470300198



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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