DENSO W16FSR - Mogelijke bougies

Alternatieve bougies voor DENSO W16FSR:

Brand Model
AC Delco 44F
AC Delco 45F
AC Delco M45FF
AC Delco R44CF
AC Delco R44F
AC Delco S44F
AC Delco S45F
Accel 156
Autolite 2656
Autolite 3485
Autolite 3486
Autolite 425
Autolite 426
Autolite AP425
Beck Arnley 176-5006
Beck Arnley 176-9022
Beru 0001430701
Beru 14-8AU
Beru 148A
Beru Z68
Bosch 0241229612
Bosch 0241229725
Bosch 0242229534
Bosch 0242229676
Bosch W7AC
Bosch W8AC
Bosch WR8AC
Bosch WR8AC+
Bosch WR8AP
Bosch WR8AP+
Bosch stk 7502
Bosch stk 7596
Brisk N17
Brisk N17C
Brisk N19C
Brisk NR17
Brisk NR17C
Champion 830
Champion L10
Champion L288
Champion L86
Champion L86C
Champion L86CC
Champion L88A
Champion L89CM
Champion L90
Champion L90C
Champion OE037/T10
Champion OE096/T10
Champion P86M
Champion RL19
Champion RL86C
Champion RL90
Champion X
Champion stk 306
Champion stk 830
Champion stk 896
Denso 067700-0831
Denso stk 3033
Eyquem 406
Eyquem 500
Eyquem 5002
Eyquem 500M
Eyquem 502
Eyquem 50M
Eyquem C32
Eyquem F50
Eyquem F70
General Motors 5613525
Hitachi M46W
Iskra F50
Magneti Marelli CW55N
Magneti Marelli CW5N
Magneti Marelli CW5NJ
Magneti Marelli CW5NR
Magneti Marelli CW5NS
Magneti Marelli CWC6NJ
Magneti Marelli FC6N
Motorcraft AE4
Motorcraft AE4X
Motorcraft AER4
Motorcraft AER4X
Motorcraft AES4C
Motorcraft AV4
Motorcraft stk 41
NGK 3722
NGK 4210
NGK stk 3722
PAL (Brisk) N17
PAL (Brisk) N17C
PAL (Brisk) N19C
PAL (Brisk) NR17
PAL (Brisk) NR17C
Piaggio P86M
Prestolite 1,40E+004
Splitfire SF265F
Subaru 880287802
Tacti V9110-3033
Tacti V9110-3034
Torch 4136J
Torch E5RC
Unipart GSP2032
Unipart GSP4266
Valeo 36B
Valeo 36D
Valeo 36M
Valeo 37S
Valeo V36A
Valley Forge 134
VW Group N0178011
Yamaha 9079E-ND001
Yamaha 9079E-ND010
Yamaha 94701-00069
Yamaha 94702-00249
Yamaha 94703-00069



The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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